TED Talks

Check out these inspirational TED talks linked to education – makes you think!

If you would like to be inspired or your thinking challenged even further, then have a look at the education section of the TED Talks website https://www.ted.com/topics/education


4 thoughts on “TED Talks

  1. Jacquie Chaplin

    With regard to Bill Gates teachers feedback, The use of IRIS in class helps to self evaluate and get an idea of what happens in a lesson that you wouldn’t see ordinarily. You can see those funny little mannerism that you repeat constantly and then improve your practice.


  2. Faye Kemp

    In regards to Bill Gates feedback talk I agree with him that feedback is incredibly important, however time is a big factor in feedback. Getting enough time to look over IRIS and ask others opinions doesn’t always happen. It would be lovely to have an allocated time for feedback each half term so teachers can really self evaluate their practise.


  3. Karlie Stone

    In reference to the Bill Gates Video on teacher feedback. Having used IRIS software to observe my own lesson, I was able to see things that I may not have recognised from reflecting on a lesson without watching it back. It was clear to see which things worked well and the things that didn’t from watching the response from the children in the classroom at a later date.


  4. Stephanie Dooley

    In reference to the Bill Gates video, is there much in the way of research into the importance of feedback in the UK?


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