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Recommended reading

The most effective professional development is often initiated and determined by the teacher themselves. For many, this is achieved through engaging with the ever growing online community such as Twitter, blogs, TeachMeets etc.  However, for others the book (whether digital or old fashioned paper) is still their primary source of furthering their learning and practice.

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The Educators

Just in case you’re not a regular BBC radio 4 listener, The Educators is an excellent series currently running at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.  Sarah Montague interviews leading figures from education in half hour episodes.  We are currently up to episode 6 of 8 and links to them can be found below:

Episode 1: Ken Robinson

Sarah Montague asks Sir Ken Robinson why he thinks schools are a barrier to creativity.

Episode 2: John Hattie

Sarah Montague asks what really makes a difference to a child’s ability.

Episode 3: Tony Little

The headmaster of Eton College talks to Sarah Montague about his formula for success.

Episode 4: Daisy Christodoulou

Teacher and writer Daisy Christodoulou thinks children are being taught the wrong things.

Episode 5: Paul Howard-Jones

Do we become more effective learners when there’s a chance of winning something?

Episode 6: Sugata Mitra

Prof Sugata Mitra explains why children need more freedom to teach one another.

Please post any thoughts in response to listening to any of the episodes.

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