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Class Dojo: Big Ideas growth mindset videos

Class Dojo have added a series of five ‘Big Ideas’ videos to their website highlighting the importance of adopting a growth mindset and some strategies for developing one.  The videos bring the Dojo characters to life as they struggle when faced with challenges or discover that they cannot do something that they thought they were really good at. The videos are being released every Monday, with the first 3 already available with downloadable discussion guides. Check out ‘Chapter 1: A Secret about the Brain‘ below before clicking here to see the complete the series, including: Chapter 2: The Magic of Mistakes; Chapter 3: The Power of ‘Yet’; Chapter 4: The World of Neurons and Chapter 5: Little by Little.  Thank you to the team at Class Dojo.

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What mindset do you have?

I first stumbled across the theories of Mindset and Professor Carol Dweck when working as part of an Active Research group of Shirley Clarke’s in 2008.  It made such sense that the way we talk to children and when and how we praise them will affect their motivation and understanding of the impact of practice and effort when learning new skills.  As a result, I went on to read Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential, which only confirmed my beliefs and determined my current and future practice when working with children.

Check out our new Mindset page on our Teaching and Learning blog to reflect on your own mindset and practice as a teacher or even parent.

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Learning and the Brain

Here is a series of seven short videos about how the brain works and how this might link to how we learn.  How could this impact on how you think about learning in your class?

To see more information about brain-based learning click on the link

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