The introduction on http://www.mindsetworks.com/ reads: ‘The growth mindset, the understanding of intelligence and abilities as qualities we can develop, has been shown over and over to have powerful ramifications on student motivation and learning, and school success. When teachers and students focus on improvement rather than on whether they’re smart, kids learn a lot more.’

I first stumbled across the theories of Mindset and Professor Carol Dweck when working as part of an Active Research group of Shirley Clarke’s in 2008.  It made such sense that the way we talk to children and when and how we praise them will affect their motivation and understanding of the impact of practice and effort when learning new skills.  As a result, I went on to read Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential, which only confirmed my beliefs and determined my current and future practice when working with children.

This video illustrates the contrast between fixed and growth mindsets.  As you watch it, consider your own mindset – do you have a predominantly fixed or growth mindset?  How does this impact on the way you conduct your daily life, teach or even parent?


The following Ted Talk provides a short insight into the power of developing a growth mindset over and above a fixed mindset.  As you watch, consider how this might impact on the way you talk to children and set up your classroom to create an environment that promotes growth mindsets.


This video explains some of the research in a user friendly graphical way:


Finally, here is a presentation by Professor Carol Dweck herself.  There are many other videos and resources online, hopefully these few video clips and weblinks will help you take the time to find out more and evaluate your own practice and role within developing a culture of growth mindsets in your classroom.  Check out these case studies to see how other schools have taken the plunge.


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2 thoughts on “Mindset

  1. Great, really interesting- thanks for recommending this website at the Iris Connect on-line meeting. It’s a shame the first videoillustrating the contrast between fixed and growth mindsets isn’t working.


    • Hi Gerry, thank you for the feedback and for pointing out about the faulty video. I have now updated it, so you can view it. All the best in embedding growth mindsets and using IRIS.


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