On this page is a list of worthwhile blogs and websites written and devised by educators who are passionate about teaching.  Please leave a comment if you would like to suggest any other blogs that might help us develop Teaching and Learning.

Tom Sherrington is a Headteacher and a teacher.  He is interested in exploring contemporary ideas in teaching and learning and school leadership and regularly contributes to conferences and CPD sessions locally and nationally.

He is now the Headteacher of Highbury Grove School in Islington, having taken up the post in September 2014, but previously worked at @KEGS_Chelmsford, a Grammar school in Essex where, in his words,  ‘I have seen learning activities that I’ve never seen anywhere else; these ideas would work anywhere and I am on a mission to encourage and challenge teachers to take more risks and release the full creative potential of the learning process. KEGS is an extraordinary school – and, having been a committed comprehensive teacher for many years, it was an unusual career move.  However, in these pages, I hope to capture some of the experience of making the journey;  after five years I still regularly have jaw-dropping, eye-opening moments where firstly I think ‘wow, that is incredible’ and secondly, I think ‘ but surely this could be happening in every school; I wish I’d tried this back in London’.  Although it is a highly selective school, I regard KEGS as a genuine beacon, illustrating what is possible in learning if we have enough courage and confidence. Every day at KEGS is a joy and I feel genuinely privileged to work here with such extraordinary students and members of staff.  Most of the best lessons I have ever seen, I have seen at KEGS.’

He says that his current school, Highbury Grove, is a very exciting school with an amazing track record of improvement over the last few years.  They are on a mission to try to make it one of the best schools of its kind.  Over the coming months and years, his blog will tell the story.

As well as writing an award-winning blog, David Didau is a trainer, speaker and all-round provocateur. Whilst he says he is willing to turn his hand to most things, he specialises in literacy, differentiation, feedback curriculum design, of course, and English teaching.

Peter Richardson is a UK Primary School Assistant Head and AST interested in leadership, innovation and collaboration. His blog includes posts categorised into leadership, assessment, projects, reading, writing, maths and excellent practical, real-life examples of themes or topics.

Nathan Jones is a passionate Primary Educator from Melbourne, Australia. He teaches Upper Primary students at an Independent School. Just recently he was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator. His other role at his school is the E-Learning Co-ordinator and in 2012 he began teaching an Upper Primary Class that will was a 1:1 iPad environment. He is own personal health battles are an inspiration to all, let alone his passion for educating children and collaborating with the online community.

His website is an excellent source of iPad apps to use across all areas of learning.

Stephen Tierney is fascinated by leadership, learning, pedagogy and the curriculum and these elements have been intertwined throughout his professional life so far.

This is a comprehensive thought provoking CPD blog.

Blog dedicated to the hot topic of feedback.

Alex Quigley is a Director of learning and teaching at Huntington School, York. He is also project leader of the RISE Project (Research-leads Improving Students’ Education). He likes to read, write and talk about teaching and learning. He has written a book for Routledge, aimed at English teachers, named ‘Teach Now! Becoming a Great English Teacher’. His next effort, ‘The Confident Teacher’ is due out in 2015.

Iris Connect’s perspective on improving teaching and learning through effective professional development, including great tips and ideas to move practice forward, information on the latest research, current debates in education and inspiring stories from our community.

Excellent blog about how Showbie is being used in classrooms around the world.


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  1. classkp

    A really useful post here about differentiation – what it actually is and how we can best support and challenge all the children in our class. Very realistic and helpful.


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