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Using a shared mathematics curriculum across a teaching school alliance

Here is a post written by our mathematics subject leader, Mrs Katy Paternoster explaining how a curriculum is being used to help raise achievement across the primary schools in the Tendring Teaching School Alliance (TTSA).

‘January 2015 has been very exciting for me as a mathematics leader; we have taken our first few steps towards the majority of the local primary schools using the same maths curriculum which will run from year 1 to year 11.  This will potentially enable us as local teachers to collaborate, support and encourage each other and work together using the same curriculum framework.  Possibly the most exciting aspect for me is that the vast majority of our year 6s in the Tendring area will move up to a secondary school that uses the same framework, allowing for a much smoother and seamless transition from KS2 to KS3 maths.

During January, 8 of the 11 primary schools within the Tendring Teaching School Alliance met together to discuss the feasibility of using a common maths curriculum.  The Academies Enterprise Trust mathematics team has put together a curriculum that uses the new National Curriculum objectives and gives more detail and support.  This curriculum runs from year 1 to year 11 and is currently used at Hamford, Langar and TTC.  It is the intention that Rolph, Weeley, Wix & Wrabness, Frinton, Walton, Kirby and Engaines will soon be using this curriculum framework by Easter 2015.’

Please post your experiences and ideas below, as well as ask any questions for the rest of this community to help with.

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Relighting the fire of learning: transformation of a school

Take a look at the article entitled ‘Relighting the fire of learning: transformation of a school’ on page 14 in the latest edition of the UKEdChat magazine written by our very own principal, Mr Benedick Ashmore-Short.

‘…as leaders in school, we have a flame to reignite, protect and fan; that is the flame of learning.’

‘Staff need to be self-reflective and own their learning. Too often staff development is something that happens to teachers. It is not based on need and is generic with staff waiting for the next buzz word to appear. We created a learning blog for all staff that is a one-stop shop for all development around teaching and learning. A blog at that staff can dip into, where they will be challenged but with ideas that fuel the learning fire.’

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