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Learning and the Brain

Here is a series of seven short videos about how the brain works and how this might link to how we learn.  How could this impact on how you think about learning in your class?

To see more information about brain-based learning click on the link

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Creating Hamford’s new curriculum

In light of the new National Curriculum rolling out in September, we are already thinking about making our own version that is more fit for purpose for the children of Hamford.  Be inspired by watching Richard Gerver.

If you could create your own school, what do you think the children should learn?  How should they learn it?

How would you make school like Disneyland (like Richard Gerver set out to do)?


How can we provide a curriculum that motivates and engages every child every day and puts them at the centre?

How can we build children’s learning power, so they become more resilient, resourceful and reflective?

How can we raise children’s aspirations for what their future might hold?

How do we instill a love of learning that prepares them for life?

Please post your thoughts below.

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